Tuesday, June 8, 2010


There is so much talk now about tweeting, and writing on walls, and Lord only knows what else, I thought I would just come up with my own word...Flittering. 

Definition: Flitter - to flit from one project to another, completing nothing, but making progress on each. 

And that is just what I have been doing this week, flitting from one project to another, and enjoying every flit along the way.

So knowing how curious us quilters are, here is what I have been flittering my time away doing:

Prepped the "Be Joyful" block in my  Be Attitudes series. 
This is the last one in the series of 12 blocks and will probably be my favorite since I have this "thing" for Santa.  I have been collecting them for years, with treasures like a lego Santa my children made to an antique felt Santa that my Mom gave me, which really started the collection.

Next on my flittering path is the Monday Mystery.  I finished the fourth block, and am anxious to start the next, which is owls!  Wooooooooohoo, that should be fun.

Then I just had a hankering to do a little more stitching, so I got out my Nice People Nice Things project and finished up two more blocks with their sayings.   These little blocks are so much fun and someday I will finish them all and make a quilt - but no hurry, cause once they are done, they're done and I will miss working on them.

And of course, I flitted right along to the klosje project.  Now this is where I kind of fall off the flitting path as I completed a project - my wall hanging.

Here is is hanging in my kitchen.  I added a few more flowers since you last saw it.  These are tons of fun to make and I will be teaching this to my club on Saturday.   Hope they like them as much as I do.

As a matter of fact, I got so addicted to them, that I started cutting out more - I intend to make a queen size quilt.  Now this will take 90  of the blocks with circles and 360 of the squares ones. 

This is what I got cut out - 39 of the circle blocks and 56 of the squares.    See how neat my 30's tub looks after cutting out my blocks and neatly folding all the fabrics back up.

Now you may be thinking - there is not enough fabric in there to make an entire quilt, and you are right - but have no fear, I have an whole wall of tubs full of FQ and short cuts of fabric. I know they do not look so neat, but I will go through and cut out  blocks and fold up the remaining fabrics all nice and neat and before you know it, all my stash tubs will look just like the tub of 30's.  Yea, I can dream can't I?

OK...so I have shown you my flittering fun, and my messy stash and that is about all I have to report on this week.   Hope you have all been having as much fun as I have. 

Happy stitchin'


Jackie said...

Your flittering looks very enjoyable! I think I'll have to do some myself.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Teresa -- you've been a very busy flitterer! Your little spool quilt turned out great -- have fun teaching it this weekend!

Carol said...

You are a very busy girl! Love your spools!

Nadine said...

How I love your works, dear Teresa ! I couldn't choose which one is my favourite. You've got such a good taste for colors and patterns ;>)

Carol said...

Teresa I do love your wallhanging. Cute little word "flittering". It so fits what we all do doesn't it?

Since I am feeling better I guess I better start flittering some.

Linda said...

Thank you for fessing-up to flittering. I often work the same way, but never looked at it so positively. I always thought it was a negative and blamed myself for inattentiveness. Now I feel way better! (Flitting away...)

*karendianne. said...

Sparkling post! Sparkling I tell you. Absolutely sparkly and sparkling and inspriational and just darn pretty!!! Thank you for sharing.

Ellen said...

I love your new "flittering" word! Maybe that's what my students do in my classroom...hmm...

Your wall hanging is great, Mom!! I love how you can take a simple quilt block, tweak it, make it better, and then create something beautiful out of it. You have such a great talent!!

I love you! :)


good news, Theresa come check out my blog.............easy, you can do it too!!!

Janet said...

I love the word. And I am a flitterer too. I like to work on different things. It's the progress that I'm behind on. lol

Becky said...

Great word, "flittering" That's often what I do, but you are making progress in your work. I think I'm just making a mess in my sewing room. Take care!

Susan said...

As you know I like to flitter. You chip away at several projects and suddenly you are finishing several things at once.