Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some gifts, some sewing, and a lot of napping..

I have been rather ill this week with strep throat - which as many of you know is no fun. My doctor said he was going to give me something to help me rest, and boy did it ever. I think I napped the entire week away - so sad as this is Spring Break at the University I work for, and I had Thursday and Friday off. So, I slept through Monday - Thursday, tried to work on Friday, went in and came home before lunch and went back to bed. I am much better today, and have only had one nap, which I would probably have taken on the rainy Sunday afternoon anyway.
I have been working on a few gifts over this past few weeks and thought I would show those to you, since very little quilting has been getting done.
First is a travel case that I made for each member in my quilt club. I use mine to store my paper piecing supplies and it is so nice to have them all in one place. I have included a picture of the pattern. The one you see is mine and while it is fully stocked, the ones I gave had a few items in them, but not full like mine. This gift was actually an incentive for a project we will start next month in the club.
The next is called a "Girls Day Out" bag and I am ashamed to say I can not find the pattern, but you can see it here. I made these for my three friends (and me) that went to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show together.
They were fun to make and so useful at the show, allowing us to keep both hands free to fondle the fabrics and examine all the goodies the vendors had to offer while also having our money and plastic close at hand. I added the back pocket so we would have some place to put our cell phones.
My Winthrop quilting buddies and I have started another exchange that begins in April, in which we make a gift for one of the ladies in the group (there are 5 of us) and share the pattern with all the members. Of couse we are looking for free patterns on the internet or designing our own, since we will be sharing the patterns. Here is a sneak peek at my offering for April - but just a peek. I can not show it yet since I have to wait until April to "gift" it. Some of you may recognize it though, as it was all over the blogs last year.
I have done a little sewing on my Be Attitudes quilt blocks, completing the Be Smart block and starting the Be Forgiving block.
Hope you are all staying well and getting ready for Spring. Prayers going out for the folks in ND and MN dealing with the floods. God save us from ourselves and all that is going on in Washington!


Candace said...

Your travel case and the Girls Day Out bag are so cute. I'll bet they really come in handy when on the go.
Hope you feel better soon.

Thimbleanna said...

Such cute projects! I especially love that little travel case -- what a great idea. Hope you're feeling better today!

Jane said...

Sorry to hear you were feeling so crummy during some off time... our bodies do have a way of telling us "uncle" tho. Love your little cash caddy but I especially loved the embroidery you did on your April piece. I really love seeing how you mix floss stitching with your quilts. Thanks for sharing, Teresa

Purple Pam said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you feel better soon. Nap all you want. Your body wants it, so just give in and NAP.

Jackie said...

I hope you're feeling better. Everyone seems to be getting some kind of something that lays them out this spring. I like the project bag and bags. A great idea to have something that will take the place of a purse and easily leave your hands free. I'm going to a large knitting event last month and I knit a small bag with keeping my hands free in mind. Now I just need to find something to tote my purchases in!


I have a few redwork/stitchery freebies on my blog, and have a Monday mini mystery going. They're small projects, nothing that takes a lot of investment and hopefully just eliminates some stash. The one we're doing now is patchwork, but the one starting May 10 will be a Mini Stitching mystery. (you're the first to know for supplies, you will need a 12.5" square of somthing for a background not necessarily white unless it's your favorite and some floss, but more on this next week.) cyndi