Monday, July 6, 2009

On the Road Again

Friday, July 3 I just decided to take the day off. It's a short day during the summer, and we get off at 11:30am, my husband was off and I was so tired after all the long hours we have been putting in. So, I took off. When hubby got up that morning, and saw I had stayed home, he said...lets go somewhere! He has been working 56 hour work weeks too, and we both needed an escape. So we hurridly packed our bags and headed South - destination Americus and Andersonville, Ga. My husband was wanting to check out some family research at Andersonville, home of a National Cemetery and the location of a Civil War POW camp where 45,000 Union soldiers were imprisoned and treated horribly, and close to 13,000 died. One of whom was my husband's relative - Jesse James Pauley.

I had gotten on the internet and made reservations in Americus at the Americus Garden Inn. This was a very smart move. The Bed & Breakfast was relaxing, beautiful and we were made to feel right at home by the gracious proprietors, Susan and Kim Egelseer. Susan is an excellent chef and we had a delightful breakfast of fresh fruit, cheese frittatas , cinnamon walnut pancakes, chocolate chip scones and fresh aromatic coffee and juices. YUMMMMY. We were also greeted by the house cat who was just as friendly as Susan and Kim. The gardens surrounding the house were lovely, and there was even a swing in a gazebo out back that I enjoyed sitting and relaxing in and enjoying the scenery. I would highly recommend that if you are ever in the area, give this place a try!!

Friday night we watched the movie Andersonville, which told the story of the Andersonville POW Camp and what a tragic story it is. This made the visit to Andersonville much more meaningful and I would recommend that if you are going to be in the area, that you watch the movie. There is a second movie that tells about the trial of the Captain Werz, who oversaw the operations and was eventually hung for the mistreatment the pow's received. The POW Museum and Cemetery is actually quite beautiful now and hopefully I will have some pictures to share tomorrow or the next day. I did not take any, and have to wait on husband to download me the ones he took.

An interesting coincidence. There was only one other couple staying at the Inn, and would you believe his last name was Pauley. They were from Florida and I showed the register to Fred and of course, that caught his interest. They were out when we got there, so we did not talk with them until breakfast the next day, and sure enough, his family is from West Virginia and he and my husband are indeed related. Now how funny is that!

Hope you had a nice July 4th. I did, and am so thankful for a husband who understood my need to get away even if just for one weekend. He is a great guy and I am blessed to be married to him!


Cathi said...

You visit the coolest places!!

Thimbleanna said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend Teresa! Thanks for sharing your cool pictures.

Jerry Battle Sr said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Sumter County and hope that you will come again. I would also like to suggest that you come again and visit the hometown of the 39th President at Plains( and The Georgia Rural Telephone Museum at Leslie (

Wendy said...

Great to hear you had a get-away, looks like a wonderful place to relax.

Ellen said...

Hey, Momma!!!! I love you :)

Angela said...

What a wonderful trip.