Tuesday, January 20, 2009

South Carolina Snow

Good Morning, from Snowy South Carolina. Here is the view from outside of my sewing room window. We seldom get a snow like this so it is just beautiful to see. It is now 8:40 in the morning and its still snowing - should continue until around noon if the weatherman is right, and you know they are always right! I am watching the tv waiting to see what Michelle is wearing, LOL...that seems to be the issue of the day. It is an exciting day regardless of what your political beliefs are, and I am happy that the snow arrived and they closed my university so now I get to stay home and sew and watch the festivities. I for one would much rather be in my nice warm home, sewing and watching all this on tv than standing in that cold. I wish the Obamas and Bidens a wonderful day and wish the Bushs a fond farewell.
And just what am I working on? My KScope quilt. I discovered pretty quickly that I needed to get some organization for the colors. So I cut out 1/2 inch squares of each of the dark colors used in the star points, and taped them onto a chart so that I could tell which color star to make next. The block between the center star block has a color point of each star it touches - which really take some coordination. It also gives me a way of keeping track of my


(Just saw the Obamas - love the yellow suit Michelle is wearing!)

One thing I have discovered looking at these pictures, I need to redo the border to not use the same color on the outer square that I use in the half border star. I kept looking at that corner block and wondering what was wrong - and then the picture showed me the problem. Soooo, gonna have to do some ripping. I wish I could figure out how to get the colors to come out right. The first star is actually a very deep rich purple and the second star a deep blue.
OK....I made the change, what do you think? I also played around with the color balance and the colors do look a little better, but still not true to the real colors.


Nadine said...

My! They're simply gorgeous ! and with such perfectly maztching seams. You will do it in no time... when I'll still be busy cutting my fabrics LOL LOL LOL
I got my plastic templates in today's mail (yepee!), but didn't start anything, as I think I caught a bad cold (if not the flu ;>(
However, I made some interesting calculations, while sniffing on the couch (will email you)
OK, tomorrow is another day, isn't it ?
Oh, by the way I watched The President today, and YES : Michelle was wearing such a gorgeous suit!... but my favourite thing about her is the way she looks to Him : soo proud and confident!
Have a nice afernoon and sewing session, dear!

Thimbleanna said...

Hmmm. That's a tough one. I'm just terrible at deciding what looks best. At any rate, they sure are pretty!!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Fantastic colors and wonderful placement, well done! We had snow here, too; it was pretty and lasted long enough to suit me. (Not long!)Glad you got to have a play-at-home day.

*karendianne. said...

I'd have to say a big huge "Wow" on this. I definitely think you pegged that on the second photo but I have to admit, I didn't see a problem with the first photo (you had to explain that - glad you did). Like the organization.

I am so thrilled you are sharing the creative development of this. And you're piecing is very nice!

Kathy said...

Oh Wow! Beautiful piecing!

Come by my blog sometime as you have received an award.

belinda said...

hello there....thanks for your visit and your comment about my teapots..I really appreciate it!

This project you are working on is wonderful...I've not seen this design before..........carry on!

kjquilts said...

Teresa, that is confusing! LOL! When you are done then you can show me how to make one. You are doing a great job!