Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Friendship Block Swap..

Its here again...our Friendship Block Swap. Always a fun meeting, and this one was celebrated at Luigi's. We meet Wednesdays on our lunch break and have decided to go out to eat on swap day. Sure makes for fun and a little excitement as we eagerly share our blocks. Carol made the Heart on a String - quite elegant with that black bow. Cheryl is sharing a cup of coffee with us in this beautiful china cup. And mine is the pansy, which truely is purple, but the purple seems to always photo as blue.

Caught up on Helen's Summer Mystery. This is going to make a nice quilted throw for the living room I wish now that I had used a light blue, the same as the background on the floral blocks instead of the dark green, but it is what it is.
Guess it will do for now as the colors do look nice in the living room, and it will be awhile before we get to that room in our redecorating project. Seems we now are going to build a new wall in the kitchen(which I thought was all done but the flooring!) and shelves in the laundry room before we move on to the dining room and then the living room. This is the result of a new washer and dryer which we had to have as the old one was leaking. Its going to be so nice when its done....if it is ever really DONE.


Nadine said...

Those friendship blocks are so cute. What a wonderful idea between friends ! ;>)

Purple Pam said...

Your friendship blocks are great. Thanks for sharing pictures of your retreat. You all look like you had a great time with lots of wonderful quilts to show for it. I really like your KS quilt. Way to go!

Cathi said...

Can you bring your Helen's quilt to Carol's tomorrow night? I'll bring mine. I love the blocks!