Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Life has been hectic and stressful these past two weeks and I have not accomplished anything in sewing or in blogging. Therefore there are no pictures to share and no projects to talk about. I have enjoyed following your blogs though, sharing in your holiday celebrations and seeing all the pictures of snow. You all provide an escape from the daily trials and I just wanted to say Thank You for that and wish you a Happy New Year!!


Suze said...

Yes, sometimes life does get ahead of us. I too am hoping that 2009 will be a bit easier than 2008.

How lovely to have 'Stitchin' Friends' to be with us along the way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Teresa, I am thinking of you and just caught up with reading yours posts.I hope you Mum and Dad are doing fine.Life can be difficult at times, chin up and take care. Hugs Lyn

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