Friday, July 18, 2008

The Good News is.....

The Good News is my new countertops have been installed...Yippee!
The Bad news is they scratched the countertop putting the sink in...sigh. Called the contractor, a new countertop on the way, but now we have to endure the mess and smell of the glue all over again.

The Good news is...I now have under the cabinet lighting that I have been wanting for 30 years now, and a new faucet !
The Bad news is that the contractor left all the lighting wires tacky is that!! Hubby said he will fix it this weekend.

The Good News is that hubby and I got a new ceiling fan installed and it runs smooth with no wobbling! WTG Fred!!
The Bad News is when the contractor put in the new switches, changing out the cream for white, he did something that we have not figured out yet and sometimes the switches work and sometimes they don't. Guess you should never have a countertop/cabinet guy to electrical work.
All that is left to do in the kitchen now is to paint the walls, new flooring and knock a hole in the wall to create a passage way from the kitchen to the dining room...hmmmm, think we will ever finish?

The Good News is I got three days off work for this project. Two spent at the house while the workers were here and today I am headed to Columbia to see my good friend Darlene. I also got in some sewing time, finishing up my braids for the French Braid quilt and completing the July Redwork stitchery. No bad news here!
Happy Stitching!!!


Pieceful Afternoon said...

Congrats on the "almost" kitchen. We ran into the same thing with carpet installers - they left tacks sticking up on the edges - ouuuch - broke two supports on the linen closet shelves and left broken pieces of the metal edging along the carpet - which were big enough breaks to cut feet. They had to come back, and while there - had to redo EVERY SINGLE THING three times before they did it correctly. I just kept telling them, this isn't done right, you'll have to do it over. One of them commented that my husband wasn't there that day and they really liked him. I guess that was as opposed to ME - whom I'm certain they didn't like because I kept making them do it over and over until it was right. And they could see the mistakes when they were put in, so why not redo it right then - like hte scratch in your counter. What happened to pride of work?

We really love the new carpet - hope you enjoy your kitchen as much as we enjoy our carpet - finally.

Ellen said...

Good news is that you got to spend some time with your very cool daughter. :)

love you!

KCQuilter said...

Wow, sounds like when all is done, you'll have a brand spanking new kitchen!!! How fun.

Marlene said...

In the end it will be all good news...your new kitchen is going to be fabulous! It will be totally worth all the little troubles along the way.

I LOVE the fabrics in your French Braid quilt!

Quiltdivajulie said...

We re-did our kitchen in 2007 - DH laid a new tile floor (on point), we installed new countertops, new sink, new faucet, plus new appliances. It was 8 weeks of serious (!) messiness, but it was SO worth it. I hope when all the details are worked through, you'll be thrilled with yours (oh, and we also installed under cabinet lighting and LOVE it).

Wendy said...

It's hard to get good help for renovations. I hope all goes smother going forward. Enjoy your visit with Darlene.

Robyn said...

Oh dear...isn't it could be simple if people were ccareful or saw the details.
Good luck sorting it out. You are so patient Teresa :c)

Angela said...

What a wonderful kitchen you will have/do have! Congrats on all the happy cooking days ahead.

Thimbleanna said...

Ahhh, the joys of remodeling. Two steps forward, one step back. It's looking good though.... ;-)