Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope you have all had a good day and found time to enjoy family and celebrate the miracle of Easter. My husband and I attended church with our youngest daughter today, and it was nice to be together in church again. Over the last few years, our family has ended up in four different churches, with my husband and I preferring a small country church, while our children enjoy other churches of varying sizes. As long as the are all somewhere worshipping, I am happy, but it is nice to be in church with family.

My own personal Easter Bunny or should I say Easter Hubby surprised me with some very nice gifts this weekend. A new mixer and a light box. Now I think there is an ulterior motive behind the mixer as I had to try it out right away by mixing up a chocolate pound cake. It is wonderful!

I had asked for a light box for my birthday which is in May. That got stepped up though, as I am tracing the Blossom Time patterns for my mom from the
Nimble Needle cd, and the light box would make it so much, he said go ahead and get it now. Woohoo, I love my light box even more than the mixer.

This has been a good few days for making progress on some UFO's. I finished the cowboy basketweave quilt, have my Christmas Beauty to the point of hemming the binding, and am quilting my tulip wall hanging. I didn't quite get around to cleaning up the sewing area, but I will as soon as I finish the wall hanging. I also put my alphabet I-Spy quilt blocks up on my design wall and that is making me want to work on it - but got to finish these other projects first.


kjquilts said...

Love your Easter goodies! I'm sure you're right about the mixer! ;o) The light box makes tracing so simple. When is your birthday in May? I'm a May birthday girl too!

May Britt said...

What a great birthdaygift. The lightbox is so handy. I don't have one like that, but put a lamp under my sewingarea on my sewingmachine. That works too.

Marit said...

Happy Easter, Teresa!

I am also a may girl, and my hubby was talking about early birtday presents for me, this morning. Great idea! And I would love a nice lighttable like yours!

Thank you for the 9 to 4 info - i like that name for the blocks.

Caryn said...

I have almost the same mixer and lightbox and I can tell you from experience you are going to LOVE both of them!!!!

Joanna said...

Now THAT is the perfect present! I have a Kitchen Aid and love it so much, I can't even explain! Except mine is plain off-white - I would love your red one! And my lightbox, well I have a love-affair with it! It is completely indispensible to me! You lucky duck getting them both at once!!

Greenmare said...

oh I love your red mixer! I'll come play in the kitchen with you anytime! and your oldest UFO is soooooooo pretty!!