Thursday, March 13, 2008


After 30 minutes and at least 25 pictures later, I still do not have a clear picture of my Cowboy Basket Weave quilt to post. I just can't seem to take a clear picture! So, your eyes are fine, my pictures are blurry. The cowboy fabric will be used as the backing.

This was a class we did in my club Saturday. The pattern is from a Fons and Porter magazine and everyone chose their own fabric. We had some really interesting selections. We make quilts for a local hospital to use in the pediatric unit, and that is where this one will be headed once I get it quilted. The hospital uses the quilts to cover the cradles of babies that must be there for extended periods to get them used to night and day. When the baby goes home, the quilt goes with the baby.

Last night I met with a group of very talented and enthusiastic young ladies at the university where I work. They are interested in learning to applique and I gave them a lesson in needle turn applique. They did a great job and hopefully in 2 weeks I will have pictures to post of their accomplishment. Way to go girls - you did fantastic!


Danielle said...

You know, that quilt would be a good one to practice making feathers on!

I took a quilting class about 4 years ago that included learning to quilt free form feathers, and I shook my head and said "I can't do that". This year I met a woman who said "they're easy try doing this" she took a piece of paper and showed me how she stitches. After practicing a bit (I probably filled 50 pages with feather doodles) I was ready to take it to fabric. Now I can do it too!

Greenmare said...

oh that is really cute! I always seem to have trouble thinking of block patterns for "boy" quilts, that one is great!

Nana's Quilts said...

thanks for your note on my blog. I think your clamshells look great. I have a Christmas tree skirt to start quilting and don't know what to do. And needle turn applique is a very challenging skill, but I love it. I will be anxious to see photos of their work.

good quilty wishes,

kjquilts said...

What a great quilt for a little boy! I know your students will have excellent examples of needle turn since you do lovely applique.

Marilyn R said...

The camera doesn't always do what we want or think it should. The quilt looks adorable!

Patchwork Penguin said...

Wow! it is turning out lovely. What issue is this pattern in? I'll have to check it out.


Carin said...

your coeboy quilt is darling and will be greatly appreciated by the mommy and baby that get it. My DS was 2 months premmie and they did the same thing at the hospital he was with the quilts. We adore his quilt and its one of the things that made me deside to start quilting.