Friday, February 29, 2008

Come on Spring!

Here is the Spring wall hanging that Felicia was inspecting the work in progress last night. I have got to learn to take better pictures! It has a blue border, but kind of hard to tell in this picture. I designed this on EQ6 for my neice, but liked it so much that I am making one for myself. My hubby and daughter Ellen liked the black and white check borders.

Also, there is a challenge out there to show our ironing boards. I am not so sure what is interesting about an ironing board, but here mine is. I have an oversized board that I cover myself. I discovered how easy it is to make a cover when I could not find a new one to fit my board. I do have a full size Oreck iron that did not show up on the picture. Sitting on top of the ironing board, is one that I made by covering a cork board with heavy fabric. I wanted you so see my travel iron that goes with me to workshops...this is the iron I use the most, even here at the house. I just love this little iron, and when the handle latch broke so that every time I pressed down on the iron, the handle collasped and I smashed my fingers, I had to come up with a solution to fix that. So I put a spool of thread between the hande and the iron and it works perfect. Now, when ever I go to a workshop, I just sit back and listen to the other quilters discuss why I have that spool of thread in my iron, lol. six words..... Stitched in time, saved my mind!
I always say my quilting is my therapy and stress relief, so I thought these words describe how I have maintained my sanity over the years. Hmmm....I have maintained my sanity....I have, I really have!


Jules said...

Ouch!! Good idea with the spool. We quilters cannot keep damaging our


Chelle said...

That is a good idea about the spool of thread! I think it's funny and I would be one of those people to ask "why is there thread in your iron?".

What is EQ6? I like your wall hanging!

loulee1 said...

Hey I like the tulips.

Thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

Marlene said...

Your Spring quilt is very pretty. It remindes me of the old Fire King Tulip patten you used to see on milk glass bowls. I love that pattern.

Your six words are very true for me too. Whenever anyone tells me that they don't have the patience to quilt, I tell them that quilting is what I do when I'm out of patience.

Ellen said...

I love the wall hanging! Very pretty, momma. :) Love you!

kjquilts said...

Those are the perfect words for you! I love your springtime quilt!