Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10, 2008

I have been reading blogs from around the world and thought I might as well jump into this wonderful way of sharing thoughts and quilting projects with quilting buddies I currently have and many more that I will make in the future. I am not sure how anyone fines my blog, but hopefully some of you will!

My name is Teresa and I have been quilting for awhile now - maybe 15 years, maybe longer. I come from a family of quilters, in that my fathers mother and sisters quilt, and my own mother is a master quilter. I love all aspects of quilting from the design, fabric selection, cutting out the pieces, sewing them together, making the quilting sandwich, hand or machine quilting and finally binding it off. What a sense of accomplishment when you had the finishing touch - the label.

I enjoy doing my quilt design on EQ6 and even when I have a purchased pattern or one in a magazine, I like to recreate it in EQ6 just to play with the colors and sizes. I have three patterns published and my favorite is my Cathedral Window pattern, which I call "You-Can-Do-It" Catherdral Window. This is because I developed a technique where all the sewing can be done on the machine, with the exception of sewing the little color patches into the quilt "windows" which I prefer to do by hand. My technique makes a very sturdy quilt as well, but retains the look and feel of the quilts made the traditional way.

I work full time for now at a University in the research area, but am looking forward to retirement in a few years and then hopefully I can move into developing more patterns and conducting workshops. I love to teach quilting and introduce newbies to the quilting world.

I have two daughters, Jennie and Ellen, and both have become quilters in their own rights. My newest inductee into the quilting world is my neice Joy, and she and I went fabric shopping last night for her very first quilt. More on this later....

I also have a wonderful husband who lets me talk quilting, and never complains on how much fabric I buy or money I spend on my gadgets. He even encourages me to enjoy my hobby and I love him dearly for being so supportive of my passion.

I hope to hear from some of you and will try to post some pictures and other things once I know better what I am doing. Until then, Happy Quilting!


May Britt said...

Welcome to blogland. You come up with noreply in my mail so I have to answer this way. Look forward to see some of your work :)

ferne said...

I love the Cathedral Windows quilt. My Grandmother used to make lots of quilts and I remember this one. where can I see your pattern? I am very interested!