Friday, June 18, 2021

Color Challenge

 Some of the ladies in my quilt club have difficulty in selecting colors, and thus fabrics, to use in a quilt.  So I challenged them to pull an ad out of a magazine that appealed to them - not the product - but the combination of colors used in the ad.  One of the members brought a stack of magazines for us to look through, and everyone enjoyed not only looking for their ad (as well as collecting recipes.)

Here is the picture I chose:   (Not sure if it was the colors that appealed to me, or that the little girl reminds me of my granddaughter Lorelai.)  I couldn't even tell you what the ad was advertising.

I went fabric shopping my stash and came up with what I thought was good.  I found a block I wanted to try out on someone's facebook and she told me it was an Atkinson's pattern called Happy Holidays.  Turns out the pattern was for a Christmas Tree Skirt, a good bit larger than I wanted to make.  I drafted a pattern using three inch 60 degree triangles to make mine.  Then I made the block with English Paper piecing.  I would be curious to know if there is a name for this block.  I did look in block base and could not find it there.  My block finished off at 10" x 12" hexagon block.  I used a facing finish rather than binding.

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Ruth said...

I have that pattern and have made several of them for me and to give away. It is a fun pattern, but I don't know if it has a different name. I never made a Christmas tree skirt out of it, all were table toppers made for different seasons.