Saturday, April 17, 2021

Gentle Gems - Val Laird BOM

 This morning I finished the April blocks in the Val Laird Gentle Gems Block of the Month.

April Blocks

January thru April

Now to wait "patiently" for May!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Have completed the first row of my Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG).  I had made a quilt top years ago with just the little flower centers  and not in the traditional GFG pattern.  I never finished it as it just was not what I really wanted.  So I gave the top to a friend as she loved it and would finish it, and I started a traditional GFG quilt.  I have been making quilts with more complex EPP designs and pieces, and am loving working with hexagons again and EPP a traditional quilt.

The blocks below the first row are just pinned to give me an idea of how it will go together.  This is not the arrangement they will be in the final quilt.  When my mother made her quilt, she used the diamond connector pieces so I wanted to make one as she did.


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Quilt Shelf

I ordered a shelf for my quilts as I was beginning to run out of closet space.  Finally found one at Wayfair.  My wonderful brother put it together for me.  I also moved my quilt ladder to the same room and put antique quilts made my husband's Grandmothers, Great Aunt and one by his mother. I love having them displayed together and I know he probably enjoys seeing them all together too.  His great aunt made the postage stamp quilt top on the bottom rung.  His mom gave it to me to mend as it had set of so long that the threads were starting to come apart. I sewed all the rows back together and my mother hand quilted it for me.  Then I put the binding on.  In one place the fabrics had deteriorated so bad I could not mend them, so I made an embroidered quilt label for that space.


Monday, March 29, 2021

Bee Pillow

I found this embroidery pattern by Gail Pan and offered free on a facebook page called Love and Hugs from Australia.  I joined the group as I do admire the Australian designers.  This pattern was perfect for a friend of mine facing heart surgery next month.  She loves all things "Bees" and I have always heard it helps to have a pillow to hug when you have had heart surgery.  I did modify the embroidery a little, maybe too cutesy.  It had the sayings " Bee Brave, Bee Strong,  Bee Together."  I wanted to let her know she had friends and family that love her and will be praying for her.  

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Wish You Well - Starting the Hand Quilting

I have been looking at my Wish You Well Quilt (Gail Pan BOM) for several weeks now trying to decide how to hand quilt it.  Finally, I decided to just do quilting on a block by block basis and each unit in the block inspire what needs to be quilted.  This is turning out to be more fun than I realized.  I guess it is kinda of like doing custom quilting when you machine quilt.   The following are just a few pictures of different areas I have quilted.  So far I have 2 of 12 blocks completed.

I am getting some ideas from these books:  (I have quite a few others to look through, but these are a good start.)

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Gentle Gems - March Blocks

 This morning I finished the March blocks for the Gentle Gems Block of the Month by Val Laird.  I am enjoying this BOM as Val uses lots of different embroidery stitches in her designs.  In this one, the outline of the Beehive is a Palestrina stitch and the flowers are Bullion stitches. She refers to one of my favorite sites, NeedlenThread for guide on how to do the stitches.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Bobbin Lace

 I asked and received a beginner's bobbin lace kit for Christmas.  I have been interested in this craft for quite a few years and was excited to learn.  I know no one that makes bobbin lace, but I have been watching YouTubes and also purchased a Beginner's Guide to Bobbin Lace by Gilian Dye and Adrienne Thunder.   I have not gotten very far in the book, but have learned some basics.

My work so far is very much the work of a beginner, but someday I hope to have become more proficient in making this lace which I have always considered works of art.

So, I am going to show some of my beginner works just so hopefully I can look back someday and see improvement.  

These are the bobbins that were in my kit.  They were not marked in anyway, so I purchased some 1/8" color tape to mark pairs.  The patterns I have been starting with have you work with pairs of bobbins that stay together throughout the project and I was getting them so I marked them and now I can keep it straight much easier..

One of the first projects in the book was this little bookworm book mark. this was my third attempt.  Still far from neat or even close to perfect - but I learned a lot in making it.  I need to go back and try again just to see if I have improved any.

This morning I started another bookmark (actually my second attempt of this pattern,)  

I found the progress going so much better than the first one I tried (I will spare you how that one looked)

Here is is finished.  I actually did pretty good although I seem to have dropped a stitch somehow on the left side.  I did not master how to finish it off.  

One more try and maybe I will get it right.