Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Blume & Grow and Days of Delight progress

 This has been a few days of progress, even if there is not much to show for it.  I got the Blume & Grow quilt top basted and ready for hand quilting.   One block is marked and ready to go into the hoop.

Progress on Days of Delight by Val Laird continue as I completed the blocks for February and March.  I greatly enjoy working on these sweet little blocks and had to fight the temptation to work on April until after I had the Blume & Grow basted and ready to quilt.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Days of Delight Calendar - Val Laird

 I have started a new project by designer Val Laird entitled Days of Delight Calendar.  Got started late, but I will catch up as I enjoy working on this project.  

This is a picture from Val Laird's blog

I finished up the January BOM blocks this morning.  I am using Liberty Flower Garden Midsummer fabrics, which are so pretty.  Thank you to my dear friend Darlene for introducing these fabrics to me with a charm pack and for sharing from her stash the fabrics I needed for borders and bigger pieces.

I did modify the January block a little to include a snowflake where Val had a butterfly.  Thought the snowflake fit better with our January season (Val is Australian)

The little hexagon blocks will be used to show the day of the month, such as 01,02,03, etc.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Fall/Christmas Table Runner

 I recently made this table runner for my wonderful daughter-in-law, Holli.  Her birthday was in May, but since Fred and I were spending those days in the hospital and rehab, we just got around to celebrating May, June and July birthdays on July 2 - as well as Father's Day.  I had the blocks for the Fall side completed for awhile now, just never got is put together for the runner.  So I decided to make Christmas blocks for the other side of the runner - a two in one table decoration.

I also purchased some candles (the pre-lit ones) that I think look good for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  


Bring Me Fllowers - Gail Pan Block of the Month

It has been awhile since my last post.  My husband has been in and out of the hospital three times since his surgery on March 29, as well as going to rehab between each hospital stay.  I spend the nights with him in the hospital, but in rehab I am able to come home at night to rest.  For the months April, May and June I think he was actually home only 2 1/2 weeks.   He has gotten an infection from the surgery and is now on IV antibiotics which I give him at home through a picc line.  Hopefully this will be over July 15.

But...........we got a call yesterday that he is possibly going to have to have his gall bladder removed and that will be done soon.  We are waiting on a call from the surgeon.  So here we go again, poor guy, back to the hospital.

I did manage to finish up the Bring Me Flowers quilt for my granddaughter Lorelai and will show you some pictures. The quilting is hard to see as the print is kind of busy, but I am showing a few of the blocks up close so maybe you can see it there.  I hand quilted the quilt center and machine quilted the border.

And here are a couple pictures of my sweet grandaughter with her quilt.  They recently moved to Winston Salem, many tears here from this Granny, and the one in the car seat is on their way back to their new home.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Another hospital stay -Grandmother’s Flower Garden

 Well, we are back in the hospital. Fred, my husband, had back surgery March 29 to do fusions on L1, L2 and repair previous work on L3. He was in rehab for two weeks after that and came home.  Instead of getting better, he began having pain and they put him on steroids for a week or so at the end of April.  Once the steroids were gone, the pain returned with a vengeance as well as some major headaches. He ended up back in the ER ON May 16 unable to walk because of the intense pain.  After a CTScan and MRI they found fluid building up around his spine and what appeared to be a CSF leak at L2.   Surgery on May 19, three day lying flat on his back and today he is virtually pain free and able to walk.  He will most likely be here until Monday or Tuesday and then back to rehab for about a week.  They took him off the steroids today and we will if the pain and headaches return. They determined that the L1 ans L2 screws had become loose and the L2 was rubbing a hole in the spinal fluid covering.  

So, we have been in the hospital for a week now, but there is a light at the end of this tunnel.  When not up and down doing things for him I have been adding a border to mg GFG, rounding the last corner this morning.

I am doing the border all in hexagons.  I have been inspired by Wedgewood China do applique a floral border all in white, using the same fabric used in the diamond sashing (Moda Snow).  

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Bloom and Grow (BAG quilt)

 Wow, it has been quite awhile since I last posted.  My life over the last 8 weeks has been nuts.  My husband (who has had 7 back surgeries in the last 6 years) fell in a parking lot and laid there for 20 minutes in the cold and rain before an ambulance got there.  The hospital was less than a mile away!  When we got there, they could not even put him in a room in the ER as they are experiencing nursing shortages, and therefore, even if they put in a hospital bed, there was insufficient nursing staff to take care of him.  So they had empty beds, the ER was full with patients that needed to be admitted - it was a nightmare.  He ended up being treated in the ER waiting area and sent home with a neck brace and a doctor's appt the next day, and some strong pain meds.  So six weeks later, he had another back surgery and is currently in a Rehabilitation Hospital.  I spent every day & night in the hospital with him (5 days) and spend my days at the Rehab.  He is making progress and hopefully will be home Friday.

Since I last posted,  I have started a project called Blume and Grow, by Birdhouse Patchwork Designs.  I call it my BAG quilt.  I saw this quilt on-line and had to have it as it has Embroidery, EPP and Applique.  All my favorite techniques.

While in the Rehab Center with hubs, I have completed 6 of the small embroidery blocks.  I still have to square up 5 of them and add the borders - but these little blocks are so good for my mental health.

I have also started a baby quilt in the evenings for a lady in our church.  Saw a completed quilt on facebook, and drew out the pattern in EQ so I could use the sizes I want.  It is called Scrap Happy Ribbons.
EQ Drawing

Row completed so far ( Rows not sewn to each other yet)

You get a  peak at my Grandmother's Flower quilt.  I have all the GFG blocks competed and am working on a border made entirely of Hexies.  That is what kept me busy in the hospital.  I need around 700 hexagons, so while in the hospital, I covered paper pieces - maybe 250 or so.

I do have a couple of other things to show, but now I must get to the rehab center and visit with hubs for the day.  They are actually transporting him to a doctor's appt, and I have to drive myself there.  

Friday, February 11, 2022

Americana Sampler

 Completed a couple more blocks on the Americana Sampler.  The first was the Country Angel.  I first made this one using Helen Stubbins Faux Applique technique.  It came out nice, but did not fit into my Americana Sampler Quilt - so I made a baby doll bag with it that my granddaughters love to play with.

So I decided to make one using David Taylor starch applique method.  I am please how it came out and using the French General fabrics like the other blocks.  This block is so far the largest block coming in at 18" finished.

My next block is the Rambler block which is a 12" block.   Rather than fight to keep all the seams at 1/4" and the points from getting chopped off, I used EQ8 to come up with a paper piecing pattern.  I do love this block which will be on-point in the quilt.  This will be the block that I do a lesson on at the March Stitchin' Friends meeting.  We will be meeting at SewEndipitous Quilt shop, owned by my dear friend Lisa.