Monday, May 10, 2021

Sweet Daisy Baby Quilt by Sharon Burgess

I recently purchased Sharon Burgess's book A Stitch in Time. I am loving all the projects in this book.    One of the projects is Sweet Daisy Baby Quilt and I was attracted to it because of the EPP blocks and the way the quilt edge was finished.
As showing in this picture, the bottom edge is blanked stitched over the binding and then hand crochet lace is made in the loops of the blanket stitch.  I have seen this done on flannel receiving blankets, but never on a quilt.  

The little flowers are appliqued to the quilt, they measure 3 1/2".  The center is a heptagon which was a new term to me.  It has 7 sides.   The main problem I ma having is selecting the fabric for the quilt top.  I have 7 of the required 12 flowers completed and am working on the 8th, so I need to get busy picking out the other fabrics.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and all my children and grandchildren were here.  My brother and his wife came as well, but he is the photographer for the family picture.
All 21 of us

13 Grandchildren 


Julie Fukuda said...

I love those flowers ... so delicate and sweet. Crocheting lace to a blanket stitch is an interesting finish, I wonder how well it would wear over time.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Your little flowers are sweet and that crochet edge will add some much uniqueness to the quilt. Looks like a full house for mothers day. Hope you had a lovely time.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Adorable little daisies! You are so lucky to have your family close for get togethers.

Rebecca said...
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Florence said...

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