Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Have completed the first row of my Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG).  I had made a quilt top years ago with just the little flower centers  and not in the traditional GFG pattern.  I never finished it as it just was not what I really wanted.  So I gave the top to a friend as she loved it and would finish it, and I started a traditional GFG quilt.  I have been making quilts with more complex EPP designs and pieces, and am loving working with hexagons again and EPP a traditional quilt.

The blocks below the first row are just pinned to give me an idea of how it will go together.  This is not the arrangement they will be in the final quilt.  When my mother made her quilt, she used the diamond connector pieces so I wanted to make one as she did.



FlourishingPalms said...

This is pretty! I like diamond connector pieces too, and especially like the color you picked for them. Green is the only other color I've ever seen the diamonds made with. Can you share a bit? I'm interested to know what thread you're using for EPP. And the weight? Can't have too much information! :-)

Teresa said...

I use 50wt all purpose Coats and Clark thread for EPP. It seems to be the only thread that doesn't break on me when stitching the pieces together. Thanks for your kind comment. Like you I had only seen green used for the diamonds, so I wanted to get at least one row put together to make sure I thought the off-white would work.